2022 Team Championship!


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Please get your team information into me ASAP!

Last year we had 28 riders (7 teams) involved in this extra points race and I hope to see more this year.

Get ahold of your fellow racer pals and call yourselves a "team"

The details:

-Must tell me (Brian Worsdall) your team name and members by the start of the first race on Round 1 this year (June 26th) before any races start on Sunday or your team will NOT be eligible.

-$80 per team ($20 per racer) one time entry fee for the season. Payment must be handed into myself in cash or EMT your team fee to [email protected] and make sure you tell me what its for. Please pay for your team before round 1 is over. I don’t want to chase you down for $20.

-Maximum 4 racers per team (you can register a team of 3, but that puts your trio at a disadvantage for a season worth of total points).

-No limitations on bikes, race entries, racer level, grids, tires, mods etc.

-Team points are the combined total of each rider’s three best point results from each round. (Lets say you do four races in a day and finish 1st, 2nd, 4th and 2nd, you would get 65 points towards your team for your three best results)

-Points are awarded to the rider, not a specific bike. Riding two bikes in different classes would gives you additional chances to earn the most points for that rider, to go towards the team total, even if you borrowed a bike which has happened before.

-The team with the highest combined point total will be awarded a nice, 100% customized trophy at the year end banquet. One trophy for each of the riders on the team, and they will be designed with your team name/logo/brand/sponsors kept in mind.

-It would be nice if each team member was sporting a common sticker to identify them but I understand if this can't be done by everyone. Team stickers can be either a logo, design, name, abbreviation, etc etc are all acceptable. We would like to see you representing a group, if possible.

Lets go racing!


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