2023 Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer Memorial Award… please nominate!


EMRA Executive Member
Hello fam,

I’m putting out the word now for nominations for the 2023 Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer award as voted by their peers. This is an award you the membership can speak up and nominate those riders you think emulated our beloved pal Sean’s memory. He was always happy in the pits, always offering to help, never worried about the competition and was just happy to be improving his lap times and have fun and mingle with his friends. Last winners have been Paul Macdonell, Eric Russnak and Tosh Gable & Scott Kammer, all very fitting winners! Let’s see who comes to mind for you all and I’ll start collecting nominations and then we will create a voting poll later on.

Nominations will be accepted until October 5th, 2023… roughly.