2024 Race Fees


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After very long debate at the AGM and first EMRA Executive meeting we have made a few small changes to the race fees structure. A couple prices have gone up and one has gone down. One thing that has stayed the same is the incredible value EMRA racers get racing with the club. There is no doubt the EMRA packs the most bang for the buck compared to any race club in Canada. You will not find cheaper racing or a better on-track product. The EMRA has it all, Race school, Endurance race, full season of 6 race rounds at 2 tracks, Friday evening track nights, Stratotech Supermoto, AMRA test and tunes for kids, Canadian Superbike round to complement our race season and the Western Canadian Championship with the WMRC. What a summer we have lined up!

Fees that have changed are the first race fee has increased $10, the EMRA race school has increased $25, and Racer Access Pass has gone down $10.

EMRA Memebership, Race license and Racer Access Pass will be available for purchase online through www.motorsportreg.com.

Here is a break down of the race fee pricing for 2024:

EMRA Membership $40
Race license fee $50
Racer Access Pass $70
Air Fence deposit $200
Race School $350 (this price includes a 2024 EMRA membership)
Practice day $150
Novice race day $100
First Intermediate/Expert race $100
All other races $30
Endurance race $400 per team (min 2 max 4 riders per team see Endurance race rules)
Endurance race crew member $50 (limited to 1 per team)
Team Championship $80
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