Insurance when racing down south


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Just passing on some good info that some of you might value.
I talked to my insurance broker about racing down south in the US and he said they can provide coverage through Tugo as well, for those who don't know Tugo is the only canadian insurer that covers motorcycle racing "speed contests" and i believe they consider it the "extreme sports" policy.

Typical trips to Utah to race at Miller is about 5 days (thursday to monday in the US), so based on that...

The premium is $283 with a $1000 deductible.
The premium is $253 with a $2000 deductible.
The premium is $221 with a $5000 deductible.

He didn't say this was a price which is specific for me, even though i have been with them for many years. So basically I'm sure you all would get the same price but who knows maybe it might be a couple dollars cheaper for me because of my 10+ years with them, but it's definitely worth checking for yourself.

He said "the best thing for anyone to do would be email me with their address, name and date of birth and that’s all I would need to get the quote/policy together."

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They have always been awesome to deal with and any time I ever checked around for other prices they were always still the cheapest, or within $3 of someone else which isn't worth switching insurers either.


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Thanks for posting that! Ive been wondering where the best place to get insurance for USA racing is.

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Yep, that is spot on Brian. I got the same quotes directly from Tugo this week. Great info for club members travelling to the US.


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Just to add to this conversation. Just spoke with tugo and the rates are correct as per Brian's post.

Now. The kicker and why it is incredibly important to read the policy very closely...

Although the general policy covers up to 10million $. If it is a result of the extreme sports coverage. ( motorized speed contest for all of us). The coverage caps out at a maximum of 500k $. Which means it has been reduced significantly since the last time is used tugo a few years ago.

I will be looking into the world med options etc and will post up when I get more info.

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Thanks for positing this valuable info here. Is there any insurance for the auto racers?? Do they only cover motorbikes?


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Hmm, sounds good. I just work with one racer and plan to pay for his insurance. I think it's a great idea. Now it's such a problem to find a good insurance agency. Offers are not very good everywhere and there are so many agencies that you just get confused. I'm just investing in capable guys for racing and sports on the advice of my friend from money under 30. Because talented people are a good contribution to the future, in which they can bring you money. I like the offers you have listed here and I will seriously think about contacting the company you are talking about. In any case, good luck in the races.
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