Pit space and a generator outlet for a friendly face?


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Hey everyone, I've been away from the club and racing in general for a stretch now but I'm diving back in this year.

I've moved away to Victoria but I'm driving out to Edmonton for Rd. 1 and packing light. Bike, gear, & a few tools.

No tent or generator unfortunately!

I'm hoping there's some old friendly faces around that might let me pit with/next to them and plug into a generator, I'll keep it full of fuel for the weekend :)

I'm just bringing the supermoto this time around, I don't need much space and I keep things tidy and organized.

Cheers and excited to see everyone soon!


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Hey I don't have an extra generator, but I'm coming up from the Island too (Courtenay) and if no one in Edmonton has an extra,. I can at least throw in my spare tent for you. Text me at twofifty 897 twentysixeightysix.



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Hey, If you're still looking for a generator I have a noisy one that does the job. Comes with Extra long extension cord to keep the noise away :) Text Derek @ 780-860-0666 if you want it.


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Hey sorry I didn't see those messages! Thank you for the offers! Hope you both had an excellent weekend