Round 5/6 Airfence Setup


EMRA Executive Member
Hey everyone, we will need volunteers for setting up air fence for round 5/6. If you haven't made it to a set up or tear down this is your last chance to get your deposit back. Let me know below if you can make it out.

Date: Thursday August 29th
Time: Arrive between 5:00pm and 6:00pm
(I understand that it is hard to make it out early after work)

Please stop at the gate and let them know that you are volunteering with the EMRA. If we use the parking as shown below we no loner have to disrupt the drifters. Do not drive through the drifting event to the track entrance. We will meet in corner 1 around 5:00 and get going, if you don't see us we might be loading up the trailer on the return road. Check in with me when you get there and I will take your names down for refunds.

Tear down will be after racing on Sunday, we will meet at the podium. We have to be off the west track by 5:00pm due to another rental, the tear down will be all hands on deck.

Thanks everyone!



EMRA Executive Member
Thanks Dave! We wouldn't be able to do it without the help of everyone in the club. Thanks to everyone that volunteered this year for a set up or tear down, especially those repeat customers ;)